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copyright policy

I represent my publisher’s policy team and guide the efforts of external access. Today, I want to talk about my copyright policy. 

  • The internet lets us watch videos,
  •  listen to music,
  •  read news articles, 

and more instantly. However, it is important to remember that this work may be protected by copyright law.

Google’s policies

Google’s policies are specifically for addressing copyright material. It is against Google policy that we do not allow you to use our advertisements as well. Simply put, you can’t run Google ads that

  • violate copyright laws, 
  • or links to such content, 

in addition to copyright infringement. So,

what is copyright?

what is copyright? In general, any original creative work that is protected by copyright law There are some exceptions, such as the content of the facts, or the content that enters the public domain, but generally, the reach of copyright law is very broad. Copyrighted material may be included,

but may not include access to

  • television shows,
  •  movies, 
  • and audio files, 
  • streaming cable.
  •  Or satellite television,
  •  books or ebooks, 
  • video games,
  •  and photos. 
  • In most cases, 
  • without a specific license or exception, 

you do not have the right to offer mainstream entertainment to your website. If you have created content completely. On your own, you have the possibilities for copyright.


Generally, you are free to monetize such content to your liking. If you did not create the content, or you created the creator’s content as a source, you should ask yourself if any exceptions apply to you. You have obtained permission from the copyright holder for the content on your website. This type of permit is commonly called a license. In this case,


as long as your use is licensed. There you have it, you should be fine. It is against our policies to show ads on the same site as links to other sites that host copyrighted content without permission. If you believe that a site is displaying Google ads with no copyrighted content. To do so, we provide a form you can complete,

found in our Help Center, or by clicking the Ads Choice icon. All of our policies are designed and implemented to build trust in the digital advertising ecosystem.

We hope this article helps you better understand our copyright policies. You can find more articles explaining our policies in the policy.