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Export all contacts using the WhatsApp to any number of bulk contacts (1lac, 2lac, etc.) with export links for the WhatsApp application. This ultimate tool is designed to help bulk SMS advertising and advertising businesses on the WhatsApp.

The application works on mobiles as well as Windows desktops (PCs).


➺ We are living in the era of smartphones where millions of billions of text messages in the form of text messaging are in the millions and billions and we are accustomed to just iGNORE this SMS.

➺ But, do we ignore WhatsApp message? Obviously not! We will definitely check it out once and then decide on the next course of action. This is the place where you export your WhatsApp contacts (Export WhatsApp Contacts app) will give your efforts in business a much more profitable business (ROI).

Why choose us?

The “# 1 rated, downloaded and used” WhatsApp is a backup app for Contacts.
Fast filtration of contacts that uses the WhatsApp from any major database. (1lac, 2lac, etc ..)
Software support for Android mobile and Windows desktop.

Marketing via the WhatsApp is one of the newest concepts in the field of mass SMS or online SMS marketing because of its widespread use of the WhatsApp, which has over 1 billion active users every day.

And, a simple list of WhatsApp, contacts is beneficial for those who want to promote their business, product or service on WhatsApp,. This app instantly filters your list of contacts and separates all Active WhatsApp, apps using contacts in a single file.

◇ You can reach people who are using the WhatsApp easily and quickly without having to pay a penny as this application is absolutely free.

(See key application features)

➺ Quick and easy process or export.

WhatsApp Unlimited WhatsApp contacts can be exported at a time.
ابط Exporting links to the Windows desktop is also accessible
Direct option to view the exported files from the application

How it works? (Android – Step by Step Guide)

➺ Launch the application
Click Export Links
ایک A popup window asks you to enter the file name
requirement Enter the file name you want and click Export
The message will display the successful message and location of the exported file
(The exported file is saved in mobile for direct use)

Whatsapp is also used in PC nowadays and so is the application. Follow the instructions below on how it works on your Windows desktop!

How it works? (Windows – Step-by-Step Guide)

۔ Open the application
Click on the Web option in the header
Copy the generated URL and open it in your desktop web browser
Click Start to export WhatsApp WhatsApp contacts

If you would like to stop exporting links, click Stop

through the short message service. Could find.

The app has an excellent graphical user interface so anyone can understand how to run it.

We are always happy to hear from you!

Note: This is not an official app or a WhatsApp, product.




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