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What’s the matter, people are here on clean TV and we’re heading towards the end of 2020 and what a year for smartphones. This year we have a lot of good smartphones and, as I do at the end of Super Safe Style every year, I will put together my list of absolute top five benefits. Some disclaimer before we get started.

I’ve definitely used a lot of smartphones this year, as you can see, but I haven’t used each one, so these are my personal first five listings. This may be different for you. We can still be friends. Drop your top 2015 smartphones in the comments below.

Also, this list will not be in any particular order & These are just my top five, however, in the upcoming SuperStyle Cooperation video I’ll showcase my overall favorite smartphone. If you want to see it first, then subscribe and remove this bell icon so you don’t miss it. Let’s get straight to it. The first device on my list, once again in no particular order, is the Samsung Galaxy S10, as well as the

samsung galaxy 10 +. I’m combining them because they are both very similar and they are all great device devices. Which you can buy this year. I’ve had the S10 + in my pocket for a very, very long time.


The S10s are the only few devices left this year that have a 3.5mm jack, as well as storage space. This is something we don’t really see much of this smartphone, but on the one hand, these are great phones. Amazing display with MaxLayout, which I don’t really mind, so you maximize this screen-to-body ratio. You have an excellent built-in design, water and dust resistance, fast charging, fast wireless charging, reverse wireless charging, excellent all-around permanent camera. Now, they are not perfect. I’ve talked about the differences between the Exynos version as well as the Qualcomm version, so you’ll find different versions of the


samsung galaxy10’s dependency on your area, and in my experience, there was a slight difference, especially But when it comes to battery life. Now, they don’t have some of the other features that are on the other devices in this list, such as high refresh rate screen, fast charging, fast storage speed, but nevertheless

S10 sare is very good device

samsung galaxy10 sare is very good device and I definitely recommend them I can. General Chat Chat Lounge The next device on my list is a device that I really enjoyed using a lot this year, and that is the iPhone 11 Pro Max. I’m also going to add the iPhone 11 Pro because they are so similar. Now, although we may not have a rigid design change, especially from the front, other devices in this list may have smaller belts and better displays overall,

iPhone 11 Pro

but the iPhone 11 Pro Max is especially good for cameras. Such a good device. It was said before but it plays the best video on any smartphone. When it comes to video, I look for the best camera package in terms of image immunity, consistency between images, low light performance, durability. All of these things I think the iPhone performs very well and that’s why it’s one of the reasons I stay in my pocket. But apart from that, you get amazing improvements in battery life.

Apple now includes a faster charger, which they haven’t traditionally done. You’ve got wireless charging. You also have better resistance to water and dust than any other smartphone on this list. And I also like the performance speed. The A13 has been super fast, extremely fast and very smooth with iOS, and has really enjoyed using the

iPhone 11 Pro

iPhone 11 Pro Max this year. There are some things that I’m not a huge fan of new iPhones. I’ve seen more modern designs. I would like to see a larger storage option, which still starts at 64 gigabytes. Price too. The iPhone 11 Pro Max is the most expensive smartphone on this list, so it is quite expensive, but nonetheless a very, very good overall smartphone. The next device in my list actually comes at a reasonable price point in my opinion and is the

OnePlus 7 Pro

OnePlus 7 Pro or the OnePlus 7T Pro. Although the price of OnePlus devices is increasing year by year, OnePlus provides us with more features year by year, and the highlight of this year is that it should have a smooth 90Hz display. It, with its beautiful bezel-less design, makes it one of the best showcases on the market right now and is certainly fast and smooth, as the OnePlus says. You have UFS 3.0 storage, you’re done


The 5 855 or 5 got5 Plus was found, and all of them combined with oxygen make it easily the fastest smartphone out there. Now, in some areas where OnePlus devices lag a bit, they are all cameras. Although they are good enough for most situations, they are definitely not in the form of a good competition, which in my opinion, shoots better photos and videos. And we still don’t do wireless charging. This is something that I have become used to. It is for you. It won’t be a big deal. But the OnePlus focuses only on fast charging but really puts aside wireless charging, which every other device in the list has. Now, the next device in my list is a series that I’m sure many of you know that I’ve been a long time fan of and that is the

Samsung Galaxy Note series.

Samsung Galaxy Note series. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 + are very, very good devices. Now, even though we don’t have a high refresh rate screen, these are still some of the best displays, at least because of the bezels. We have that cartoon. But the important thing that sets the Note Series display apart from the others is that these displays are very, very bright.

They show the brightest performance there and this is a compromise I personally wanted to make when using note devices. Plus, you have, of course, a great overall interior as well as an S Pen. The S-Pan is something I don’t use every single day but it’s so useful when signing documents, running the camera remotely, and the camera really.

samsung galaxy S10 + s, so good

Are good They are like the samsung galaxy S10 + s, so good overall camera, lots of capability between different lenses. An amazing construction and design. In my opinion, this year the smartphones are the best looking. Now, the final smartphone on my list, once again in a particular setting,

is the Huawei P30 Pro. It’s a very, very good smartphone. In this, I believe, is the first five times the optical zoom on a smartphone and it is truly amazing how they achieved this with prescope technology. An amazing construction and design. Milan looks like


Huawei introduced a few years ago and now many other manufacturers have copied it and it looks absolutely beautiful. Amazing, amazing battery life. This is something that Huawei is very good at, as well as 40 watts super fast charging. That charger comes out of the box. You don’t have to buy it separately like you have to with some devices. Very fast wireless charging too. Now, personally not a huge fan of the display.


It’s great but there are a lot of good displays out there. And the cameras, though I like them, especially for the low light they are, are not amazing for video. I still find that they work to smooth your skin, even if you have a completely off-putting look and this is especially the case. Front camera.


And this is my top five list, but it’s not finished yet. I want to select a bonus. So we have the top five but there’s a bonus, a smartphone that I’m really happy about. And the reason is that it’s a bonus and not part of the top five, because it’s something I don’t think everyone will buy because it’s so expensive, and it’s Samsung Galaxy Fold. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m fully aware that this is not perfect. It’s very fragile, the front display is very, very small, but I haven’t had this experience about a new

top 5 best

smartphone for a long, long time. And in my opinion, this is one of the biggest innovations we have had in the smartphone space for a long time. It’s amazing that I can see this big display, which I can stand in my pocket, and I think Samsung has really implemented it. This is still the only Folder Smartphone you can buy. And apart from the folding element, this is a really, really good smartphone. You get 512 gigabytes of UFS 3.0 storage, which is massive, so technically if you try to buy a 512 gigabyte smartphone,

top 5 best

you probably spend a lot of money. It has very similar cameras to other Samsung devices, so we have some pretty good overall cameras. It has a good battery life and the battery really has to fill in the split, which is really interesting. It has fast charging, fast wireless charging, reverse wireless charging. It’s just a really, really interesting smartphone that we have this year. And, once again, I know it’s not for everyone and it’s a first generation product but I’m really excited about what’s to come. now,

top 5 best

There are some respectable notices that I need to reveal insight into. In addition to the fact that they made the initial five rundown there are still a great deal of good cell phones by and large. To start with, the Huawei Mate 30 Pro, an extraordinary by and large gadget, however because of issues with the Google Play Store, it’s a gadget I haven’t completely used and haven’t had the option to completely use. Since I simply didn’t have a smooth encounter.

Ideally, this is something that will be settled soon.

There was additionally Redmi K20 Pro, which I know a considerable lot of you will be referenced in the notice. Tragically, it came past the point of no return in the UK and this is something I haven’t got the opportunity to by and by look at. In any case, for the idiosyncratic things that you are jumping on this gadget, it is an extremely, amazing gadget, no uncertainty. What’s more, in the gaming space, the ASUS ROG Phone IIby is, as I would see it, the best gaming cell phone you can purchase. I play Call of Duty constantly. For gamers, it looks incredible to see a cell phone produced using the ground up and on the off chance that you are a gaming individual this is the telephone I prescribe. So this is my initial five rundown in addition to a reward and some good notices.

What are your best five cell phones of the year

Certainly leave me a remark beneath and let me comprehend what you think.

Do you concur with my rundown? Don’t you concur? By and by, we can generally be companions. At the point when you have such huge numbers of alternatives, it’s a joy to be there. As I referenced toward the start of this video, I will be uncovering my undisputed top choice cell phone in the up and coming Super Safe Style joint effort video with every one of my companions and on the off chance that you need to watch it first, obviously, Subscribe and hit this bull. The symbol you don’t miss it. I trust you delighted in this video and thought that it was helpful. A debt of gratitude is in order for viewing. It’s excessively sheltered on TV and I’ll see you next time