Top 10 Most Popular Video Games in 2020

top 10 and today we are counting down the top 10 most popular video games in 2018 but first of all really just want to tell you about my new gaming channel It’s called Jack’s VR where I’m uploading a ton of amazing fifteen days and virtual reality gameplay videos, so if you like gaming channels, make sure you check out my new gaming channel It will be added to the bottom of this video and now let’s come to the top 10.


Top 10 Most Popular Video Games in 2020

  • 1. Fortnite – Released 2017
  • 2. League of Legends – Released in 2009
  • 3. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds – 2017
  • 4. Minecraft – 2009 (
  • 5. Counter-Strike Global Offensive – 2012
  • 6. Dota 2 – 2012
  • 7. Hearthstone – 2013
  • 8. Overwatch – 2016
  • 9. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege – 2015
  • 10. Grand Theft Auto V – 2013






This list is ranked by their popular games.

The number of players who are playing at any one time of the game is once again the number of active players who log in each month and play at least one game. It is important that not every game releases both stats. Here is a look at some of the places where monthly monthly actuators and other games have daily coordination and it is a bit difficult to compare but I did my job at

Rock Star Games Grand Theft Auto 5th in the world.

The popular game, which you want, was released in 2013 and still has a 38,000 peak sync performance Most of the Justin PC players are playing on the Xbox and PlayStation games. Already 5 years old, but surprisingly, most games on this list are older orders than Grand Theft Auto 5  as the ninth most popular game of 2018 is Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. It is simultaneous with the 24 hours released in 2015.


Justin PC is on more than 120,000 players, which is nearing his all-time record of 12,000, which is crazy because it is Tom Clarence’s Rainbow Six Siege The most popular by far, it has been released for three years, which is number eight in 2015. This list is the most popular sports game of 2018 which is a snowy day in 2016. Released by Vfan.


There are about 35 million active players in the game and it is a tremendous force for the continuation and popularity of Blizzard. There is an active competitive scene that looks like the driving force is showing the popularity of sports after which they have been released. Attenumber Seven is another game of Blizzard called Heartstone Heroes that was released in Work of 2013, and is the first game-wise-to-be-the-Sixth Stone on the World of Warcraft.


Trust me it doesn’t seem to be the last game from the last game Something popular in today’s market that you don’t have to pay for a fort until you win the game. And then if you’re like me, you’ll spend a ton of money on UndressUp or PAC or anything else. You already broke the record of your current active player at the end of 2015 with a recent expansion to sell after investing in our stones and 71 million developments in the most popular video games in 2018 The sixth-ranked consumer aircraft is the two Mobas in the list that has been released Dota 2 2012 In Dota 2 we still have an average sync account with around 500,000 and peak.About 800,000 Dota 2 a month is still one of Twitch’s most popular games,


it is still a very popular sport in 2018 [Music] is the fifth highest performing gaming scene with Counter Strike Global Aggressive is a game that was released in 2012. It is currently the most popular game on Steam & Avenue during the week, the game is the most popular game of the 600,000 strong number four in the world in 2018, I believe you have at least once Must have heard before that Minecraft was created by Notch in this egg gametech 2009 and on Saturday January 21, 2018,


Macan Craft still claims to have used more than 74 million active users on PC mobile and console and This game in particular never sees a downfall because there is always a baby born who wants to play block by block. No one can tell you which contract you can’t make. There are no rules to follow that rule. It is up to you. This is the second new game in the list released in the most pop-3 euler game 2017. The theme game is unknown Battlefield Pub is a battle royale, meaning that there are a hundred players who leave the zone and only one pub is alive at this time.


And to record this work is a toe, currently the second most popular game in the world.The game seen in the League of Legends is also noteworthy, with the most healthy and popular competitive gaming scene at the World Championship Games that even bothers me basketball and baseball viewers. [Music] Finally, 2018 is the world’s most popular video game epic game in the new fifteen days of the new game. There are 102 playgrounds but there is only one fifteen that will be the most popular stream on Chelham and  Challenged the League of Legends as a mum.


This is extremely accessible to a large audience but this is the latest game in the list which will be interesting to watch but it can be a test of time where you have 10 of the most popular games of 2018 which is a complimentary list. Which did not make this list the World Warcraft that won the top. In 2010 but still a pretty active pl airbase but I really want to know which game in this list was your favorite or why you are currently the loser of all time losers and why It deserves to be more popular with young people, be sure to thumbs up now and hit the subs  to do more tens of advanced stuff, be sure to check out my gaming length description