Such information about Saudi Arabia

Such information about Saudi Arabia

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1- Water is expensive and oil is cheap here
2- The paths here are known to more women than men, and here the women make a complete purchase but remain in the veil.
3- The population here is 4 million and cars are more than 9 million

4-: In the hills 70km away from the city of Koda in the city of Mecca

5- Zam Zam is used throughout the year and all over the world


and is also used throughout Mecca and Saudi Arabia and has never been reduced to this day!

6- Mecca consumes 300 million birds a day!
7- There is never a dispute within Mecca!

9- Mecca alone uses 70 million AC!
10- There is no crop except palm, yet everything in the world gets fruits and vegetables and there is no weather left here!
11- There are 200 quality palm trees in Makkah and there is also a palm which has no bone or joints!

14- There is no power line outside Mecca, all underground!
15- There is no sewer or drain all over Makkah!
16- Here is the best cloth in the world. While not made!
17: The government here gives every reading child 600 to 800 riyals monthly!
18- There is no such thing as a cheat!
19- The money that comes from the government for development work is spent on the whole!
20: There is no time for mustard oil to be consumed here, then sunflower and corn oil are eaten here!
21- There is no greenery here, trees are not equal to plants. The mountains are dry and dark, but there is no difficulty in breathing. Here is a scientific research failure!

Obstetricians have had mouth drops

The global research firm failed to reach the bottom of mystery and natural technology on the waterfront and its wells.
Further new brighter aspects have emerged.
According to the details, the mysterious world-class bodies of waterbeds and their wells failed to reach the bottom of its natural technology.
Global research organizations have been investigating this for decades.
What are the causes of the properties found in the water bodies?
And 720 liters a minute
While 43 thousand 200 liters in an hour
Where is the water coming from in this water supply well?
However, despite the hundreds of feet deep in the land of Mecca, there is no water.
Japanese research firm Hedo Institute said in its research
Now, if Zim Zam is added to a drop of water, its properties become the same as that of Zam Zam, while a Zim Zam droplet does not resemble the water found in any region of the world.
Another revelation has also emerged that recycling also cannot alter the properties of Zam Zam.
Milligrams per liter of mineral content per liter indicate that it contains
Sodium 133,

Calcium 96, potassium 43.3,

Bicarbonate 195.4 Chloride 163.3, Fluoride 0.72, Nitrate 124.8
Sulfate is 124 mg per liter.
The full depth of the aquifer is 99 feet
The distance from the springs to the bottom of the well is 17 meters.
It is important to note that in almost all the wells of the world, it is common for moss to grow, the production of species and herbs, and the production of plant and biological reproduction or of insects of various kinds, with water color and The taste changes.
The charisma of Allah is that there is no firmness in this well, there is no natural or biological environment, no color change or taste …
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