Fiverr gig increase sales on Fiverr

You make a valuable Fiverr gig – as stated in my signature something Offer people something they are willing to pay.

The real problem with your gig is that you are not offering them anything. (Okay. You say “your website will get more traffic (visitors) than your competitors.”) But that’s not enough. You are trying to appeal to people who are selling something. They don’t want much traffic. They don’t want too many visitors. They want more buyers. And you don’t offer it. Focus your pitch.

Instead, let’s look at your text:


If that doesn’t make my money, I don’t care.


If that doesn’t make my money, I don’t care.

I have twe years of experience in SEO related work.

If that doesn’t make my money, I don’t care.

I have only two things to offer,

Ahh! Maybe you are going to make me more money.

Quality Administration

Haha No, I want to make more money.

And quality results.

What? I don’t even know what the standard result is.

I am passionate about my work.

If that doesn’t make me a lot of money, I don’t care.

I guarantee that I will do my best.

Well, that’s a good thing. But will it make me more money?

In other words, you are not offering what I am looking for.

At the top of it, most of your text is not grammatically correct.

100% Reliable Keywords – Want to focus more traffic and profit on traffic. I have 2 years experience in this topic. Keyword keywords will influence your site’s position in search engines.

The criteria I use to select an SEO expert is the ability to communicate clearly.


Reconcile all the copy in your jig to address the buyer’s benefits.
Review someone’s grammar, spelling and punctuation so that your top doesn’t get weighed down by mistake.

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