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closed captions youtube

did you know that YouTube audio generates closed captions every time you upload a video to YouTube we’re going to talk about that and a lot more in today’s video stick around day this is Doug from Doug using youtube and we’re here to help you with tech for content creation and today we’re talking about all things closed captions a couple of months ago I did a video on an app called speed scrubber where we showed you how you can get closed captions

produced from your video file and you can check that video out right here in the card right now today we’re talking about the order generated closed captions that YouTube auto matically works out for you when you upload a video I’m going to show you on the computer right now where that file is on YouTube and what you can do with it and we’ll come back right at the end and tell you some more information well we’re here on the computer once again that my channel is open now first thing I want to show you we’re gonna go to the most recent video on our channel so

create a studio

I’m going to create a studio first of all and I’m still I still like to do things in the traditional creator studio so here we are we go to the video manager over the side here and we’ll get that cracked open here and here is our most recent video as of recording the free sound effects size of video on the download sound effect pack free we had source short effects what you want to do is click on the little arrow here next edit and go down to subtitles and closed captions that’s gonna open right up here and what you can see is a video window and what you can see here there’s one published set of closed captions and it’s English is automatic and what it says automatic what that is is the youtube has gone

video and automatically added its own closed captions

through your video and automatically added its own closed captions so the accuracy of it is gonnabe questionable depending on your accent and your language how easily the Google/o I can actually interpret your spoken word into text but we can have a look at that so what we want to do is, first of all, you can take the automatic closed captions already in there we’re gonna click on that published Auto FC see what it will do is it’ll open up this little window where we can do some editing we can unpublish it you can see here greyed out is Thomas stamps and what it translated text in so this is one way you can do what you can do here add actions is download that file so what we’re gonna do is pick which option we want to download and I think I usually go with you get SRT what it’ll do it

just opens up another window in your browserwe have all this information in thereand what you can do is save that cut payset to like a text file and you can save that so what I’ve done before is I’lljust grab this down we’ll just drag thisout for the entire video you want tokeep the timestamps and everything inplace we’re going to take this we’regon na I’m just gonna copy that and then I’m gonna open up I’ll paste that in and then we can just save that so it’s just gonna save it as a text file so save that and then what I can do is just sit on this text file I can play for the video and I can edit this and possibly then upload that backup so that’s oneway of doing it so that’s gonna be there the way I’m gonna close this back tohere another thing we can do is actuallysit here and do the closed captions and edit these waltz were here watching that the video so if we click Edit here this opens up and then you can see that it’s going to start playing the video here and what we can do is actually go inhere and make any adjustments we want to the text to make it as accurate as possible whilst we’re

close their captions

listening to the video I’m not going to do it right nowhere because we’re going to show you a couple different options now in one of my previous videos the one on the speed scrubber for transcripts and close their captions I actually showed you the part of actually uploading a file back to here to have actually register as an uploaded or personalized a closed caption so there’sno record not listed any longer as an automatic transcription so therefore once you’ve got an illegitimate
uploaded one you know for the little closed caption section on your video listing so that indicates that there’s personalized closed captions available so what I’m gonna do first of all is a back out of where I am here so I’m gonna delete the draft because basically it created a draft and edit it now if we just go in and edit that and then save that as anew record and then I would have an English version that

automatic closed captions

didn’t say automatic and that’s what I want to do now if I wanted to upload say the file that I’ve already uploaded I’ve edited it and want to send it back up I can simply go add or no subtitles click English or whatever language that you’ reuploading this is the same process if you want to upload a translation as well we have a couple of methods here that we can do we can use some of the systems here like

transcribe and auto-sync and we can upload a file and we can create new subtitles or closed captions they do different things but if you’re uploading any sort of file you’re gonna use the upload file option now you’ve got two options you can upload a subtitle file or a transcript now transcript is just the text

written out in like normal language and paragraphs and what it will do is try and automatically sync that once you upload it’ll try and think the transcription up with the spoken word now subtitles file is a file has all the timings and timer markings and timestamps much like the father downloaded so I could say sometimes file choose file I could actually choose the file that I downloaded just now to the Text Edit folder which was this one here I could tell it and it’s that one and it would be sitting there and then I click upload and then it would upload

that information and it would its processing which wouldn’t take long at all and then I would actually see it as an option in the list when we go out I’m gonna back out because I haven’t done anything to that text I don’t want to replace the inaccurate text with the same inaccurate text soI’m just going to cancel over that but otherwise what you would see is we come in over here we would see like a new option down here under published and that would become the default and the more correct closed caption but because of course, I use speech grabber to do closed captioning I don’t sit do it manually which I used to do I’m gonna once I’ve got that processed I’m gonna upload that that particular file for this video that’s pretty much how you can download what YouTube’s already done edit it and fix up the


mistakes closed captions

mistakes and then-upload it and then have a legitimate closed caption file on your video get a little CC mark on your video and attract the viewers who want to watch it with volume down or have hearing impairments so it’s always worth throwing on the closed captions on your videos whether you do it yourself whether you get a service to do it I encourage you to do it in the hh we’re gonna talk about three ways that you can generate closed captions apart from the auto-generated closed captions on YouTube we’re going to look at a couple of ways that are available to you if you don’t want to go the YouTuber oute although the YouTube routes the most convenient because it’s automatic because it’s half done for you already but we’re gonna look at those in the next video so stick around on the channel for that and if you don’t want to miss out make sure to

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