Best Web Hosting For WordPress 2020

Through this article  you will 100% know which one of these hosting companies is right for you. Now a dirty little secret is one of the major hosting companies recommended by WordPress itself only three.

And as an added bonus I have special discounted prices for all these companies and I will share them with you later in this article  but first look at the

  • pros 
  • cons
  • each

of these platforms that site Starts with the premise of Setting Up The Site’s First Pro is the easiest of many different platforms. WordPress Website It is very easy. I also use it for the tutorial video I did on how to configure WordPress. It’s also one of only three companies whose WordPress Steam recommends hosting its own WordPress websites, which is a big deal, but the price is really good and the really reliable service has really high uptime. Also has faster service

And with good customer support and an added bonus as it comes with a free SSL certificate there are some cons with site grams The biggest cons is that it is a mid-priced hosting platform that is the cheapest Platform but definitely not one of the more expensive platforms is that it has restricted uploads so if you want to have a website that has a lot of high resolution images and videos And there are things that Blue Blue might not be the best platform for you. There is another

The three websites that WordPress has suggested for hosting WordPress websites, and one of the pros with Bluehost, is that it’s actually one of the more popular hosting companies that has a clue about Bluehost Part. The secret is that this is one of the more popular ones because it is a very profitable affiliate program, but still, keep that in mind when considering Bluehost vs. other hosting platforms.

Below is the latest link prices below that you can usually see a bit cheaper than Site Grounds Bluehost and I think Site Ground is a better service but ultimately you have it We still have a lot of platforms


that GoDaddy has and don’t have. Go with Daddy Go Daddy is great at buying domain names, but he spends most of his money on ads and things like that, and he tries to get people to buy domain names and upgrade them to hosting services. But hosting them is not good, it is not so reliable and it is honestly a lot Over-priced

A2 hosting has some high server time so if speed is important to you this may be a good option but the reason is that they have a bad time which means you There is a high likelihood that you will not have a problem. Websites, in fact, aren’t that reliable lately. They were  and so many of their websites went down that they still have over 99% uptime, which means that most Time will not bring you any issues with your website, but keep in mind that


HostGator is actually owned by the same parent company that Bluehost Bit has an advantage with Bluehost, which was originally recommended by WordPress Host Gator. But it’s not true that they are very similar and Sometime shotgator is a bit cheaper then changing prices down to lower prices once again they keep changing prices all the time even though they are owned by the same parent company, prices go down. The ups and downs, but for me personally

I like Bluehost as I said is better because they are recommended by WordPress, they are more reliable and have better customer support. Great customer support but the great thing is that you are paying a price that is ten times higher than any of the other hosting companies so if your WordPress website is very important to you and you want to make sure There is nothing wrong with that. And You may want to pay for

this WP engine can be a good option I personally will never go with the WP engine which we have talked about so far has many customer support. WPengine will take it to the next level in motion. Another popular hosting company is if you are honest with myself I really can’t see any profession with them. Their speed and uptime were quite modest and they are double the cost of all the hosting companies we have.


So far the next thing is the host singer and the big pro with them is that they are the cheapest platform out there but the great thing is that you get what you pay for and I personally love this company. I won’t trust your website with this but if the money is really tight for you then this might be a good option if there are links below the prices if you want to see it.

I personally won’t go with this company The last step on our list of top 10 hosting companies is Dream Host and Dream House is a great profession for them. They are the last of the three companies recommended by WordPress but honest with you. It is possible that with them it is a really great pro that they have the features of all the other hosting companies that we have talked to and they are more expensive than

the Ground or Bluehost so I personally There seems to be no reason to go with it. It’s time to host a dream, announce a winner, and the fact is, it depends on what you are looking for if you are looking for the fastest hosting company. Need Hosting If you are looking for the cheapest hosting company. You should go with the host singer Now the first time I signed up for a hosting company was a Bluehost which I think is a Ok option this is a good option but if i work on

it again i will go 100% with psychic period and i have recently contracted with psych round and i have to say that it is all about using Is a simple platform and it’s cheaper than Bluehost. I think this is a mental site ground winner and as I said I have special discounted prices so check out the links above and below and if you want my links When signing up as one of the thanks, I will give you a free 30 minute consultation session so resume the next step for a platform. Hope I helped you make a better decision today and I hope you start your journey.